Contact - SIA «Proventus Farms Pluss»


Silage additives, technology and animal nutrition:

Dace Kravale

Dr.agr. Dace Kravale – phone . +371 26442115

  • information on silage biological inoculants and chemical preservatives
  • consultation on silage technology and grain preservation
  • consultation on nutrition of ruminants
  • information on products for pigs and poultry

Project manager:

Santa Grēve

Santa Grēve – tālr. +371 20240666

  • consultation on chinchilla husbandry, nutrition and breeding
  • information on chinchilla feed, bathing sand, equipment
  • information on feed for horses

Animal nutritionist:

Jolanta Līva

Jolanta Līva – tālr. + 371 26 293 087

  • Information about smaXtec dairy herd monitoring, real-time data live from the rumen
  • Information about smaXtec trial period on a good terms
  • Consultations about smaXtec system installation in farms
  • SmaXtec data analysis - rumen pH, SARA control, water uptake, heat detection, calving detection, temperature, activity, health monitoring

Office address: Rīga, Braslas iela 22


Phone: +371 67563917