Proventus Farms Pluss Ltd was founded in 1993 and since that time has grown in terms of activities, staff and turnover. The company has always carefully monitored opportunities and challenges of the latest findings and discoveries in the sphere of agriculture and biotechnology, cooperating with the leading producers and implementing the latest methods and techniques.

Proventus Farms Pluss Ltd offers a wide range of products and services: high-performance products with unique combinations of active ingredients, innovative technology, professional know-how and counseling

Proventus Farms Pluss Ltd, led by its founder and Chief executive Officer Mr. Igors Sugako, has a long-term history of cooperation with the well-known international and global companies, such as Spanish companies NOREL S.A., Andrés Pintaluba S.A. (APSA) and TOLSA Group, German ADDCON GmbH, SmaXtec, Austria and others.

Our competitive advantage

Due to our flexibility and ability to adapt to ever changing environment we can provide an innovative range of high performance products and tailor-made solutions based on the latest scientific research and support of the world leading producers

We provide


Igors Sugako

“Dear Clients! We are always ready to support you and provide you with the latest scientific information on biotechnology achievements, and offer realistic and efficient solutions as well as the best available products to foster your creative initiatives and ensure your progress and success.”

Mr Igors Sugako - the CEO of Proventus Farms Pluss Ltd