For pigs


Antibacterial product, composed by sodium salts of medium-chain fatty acids. The product, based on coconut fatty acid distillates, contains high levels of lauric acid, effective against Clostridium perfringens, Salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria.

GUSTOR - a range of health and performance boosters with a common ingredient, butyric acids salts.

Nowadays sodium butyrate is a key ingredient in animal diets as intestinal flora modulator. GUSTOR offers higher bactericide power (against Salmonella, Escherichia coli) at lower concentrations than other organic acids. Sodium butyrate reaches the most distal parts of the gut and reduces the level of pathogens. GUSTOR enhances development of lactic flora that will compete against the enteropathogenic one. The addition of GUSTOR to diet stimulates the secretions of pancreatic fluid and amylase improving the digestion. Sodium butyrate has the capacity to increase epithelial regeneration. Pigs fed with GUSTOR have shown a more efficient absorption of nutrients as a direct effect of the improvement in the intestinal microvilli. Adding sodium butyrate to the diet results in better resistance to a challenge, which can be explained by two mechanisms: anti-inflammatory effect, and reinforcement of the intestinal defense barrier. Sodium butyrate improves the absorption of electrolytes and reduces the incidence of diarrhea.


Sodium salt of butyric acid. High concentration - 92%.


Protected sodium butyrate, 70%. Exclusive protection with specifically chosen vegetable fats. The protection of sodium butyrate allows the acid to be released progressively throughout all sections of the intestinal tract where it exerts control over pathogenic bacteria both in the intestinal and systematic phases.


Liquid acidifier based on the combination of free organic acids and salts with sodium butyrate. Acts as stomach and intestinal acidifier. Indicated for all species for the growth promoter effect and its strong capacity as a bactericide. Prevents development of pathogenic microorganisms and enhances multiplication of lactic acid bacteria. Use adding to feed or water. Dosage will vary according to water quality.

Natesse Liquid

Sodium butyrate combination with essential oils. Antimicrobial effect against gram+ and gram- bacteria.

Formi NDF

Sodium diformate. Acts against pathogenic bacteria, including Salmonella and E. coli along the whole gastro-intestinal tract. The product improves animal performance, combining effects on daily gain, survival and feed efficiency. Formi NDF guarantees healthy and safe feed.

Formi GML

Formi GML is a synergistically acting combination of two patented performance enhancers in which the glycerin-monolaurate enhances the impact of the diformiate. Strong and broad antimicrobial effect against gram+ and gram- bacteria, reduced risk of diarrhea.

Salmonat P

Antibacterial product based on unsaturated salts of formic acid (diformiates). The incorporation of desalts prevents feed and raw material recontamination by releasing acid progressively during the required period of preservation. When added to the raw material and feed, Salmonat prevents or eliminates the presence of enterobacteria and specially Salmonella.


Wide spectrum mould inhibitor, designed to be used in animal feeds and raw materials. Formed by unsaturated salts of propionic acid (dipropionates), combining the efficacy of the free acid with the persistence of the salt. Funginat has a faster action than the mould inhibitors composed by propionates and a longer activity than the compounds of free acid, resulting in a perfect mould inhibitor.


Mycotoxin adsorbent - combination of clays, diatomaceous earth and yeast cell walls. Toxiwall has the power to bind in a high percentage the main mycotoxins related to animal production. Aflatoxins (AF) and T-2 toxin are trapped inside the tridimensional structure of the clay, breaking the enterohepatic cycle of adsorption and excretion. Diatomaceous earth binds AF, T-2 toxin, zearalenone (ZEN) and ochratoxin. The reticular organization of 6-D glucans in the yeast cell wall plays a major role in the efficiency of mycotoxin binding. 6-D glucans are responsible for the complexion of ZEN and AF by geometrical symmetry between the toxin and the open site in the helix of 6-D glucans. The small size of patulin enables it to penetrate deep within the helix of 6-(1,3)-D glucans. In the case of deoxynivalenol, the toxin molecule and 6- D-glucans interact through hydroxyl bonds. Toxiwall added at low levels in the feed, reduces the impact of mycotoxicosis.

Endofeed DC

Muti-enzyme complex containing high amounts of ß-glucanase and xylanase. It also contains cellulase, hemicellulase, α -galactosidase, and protease in non-quantified activities. Supplement for monogastric feeds based on barley, wheat, rye, triticale or oats. Side activities such as α-galactosidases and β-mannanases will also improve digestibility of legumes (i.e. soybean meal). Enhances the digestibility of the diet to deliver reduced formulation costs. Increases nutrient absorption and utilization. Better feed conversion rate. Reduces digestal viscosity, prevents digestive disruption, reduces fecal moisture. Improves performance and profitability.


Muti-enzyme complex containing ß-glucanase, ß-xylanase and α-amylase. Secondary activities: cellulases, hemicellulases, α-galactosidases and proteases in unquantified concentration. Enzyme supplement for young monogastric feeds based on cereals (corn, barley, wheat, rye and triticale). Improves nutrient absorption and feed conversion rate, releases cell nutrients. Benefits are better nutritonal value of raw materials and more flexible formulation. Reduces non-digested nutrients that reach the large intestine. Reduces fecal moistur. House hygiene is better. Improves performance and profitability.


Chelates of glycine and metals Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe. Improves the bioavailability of the trace element in the animal and reduces the environment impact due to its higher absorption. The result of the higher absorption is shown in blood complex levels, which are increased and the organic molecule gets the target tissue faster than any other source of mineral, therefore the availability of the mineral increases.

Alkosel® R397

Specific inactivated whole cell yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC R397) product containing the essential trace element selenium in its natural form, L(+) selenomethionine. It is produced by growing yeast in the presence of measured amounts of selenium. This specific yeast strain absorbs selenium and biochemically transforms it into the highly bioavailable L(+) selenomethionine and other seleno-proteins. Selenomethionine is naturally found in edible plant protein but only at very low concentration. It is the most suitable form of selenium for animal nutrition. To be used exclusively for the manufacture of feedingstuffs.

Anilox P26

Antioxidant of wide action range, employed to preserve raw materials and feed. Blend of antioxidants: BHA, BHT, PG acting at synergic level. To be used exclusively for animal feed production.


Fluidarom flavours are designed to enhance the appetence and palatability of feeds. Their use increases feed intake and improves growth rates. Fluidarom flavours are presented in micro-granulated powder for a better dust-free handling and more homogeneous dispersion in feed.

Lipidol Ultra

Powerful absorption accelerator of nutrients and energy. Lipidol is composed of four different functional lysophospholipids . Lysophospholipids act as fat surfactants and intestinal permeability enhancers. Lipidol Ultra affects the absorption of nutrients into the cell membrane by various methods, including partially changing the membrane structure, stimulating protein channels, and modulating membrane fluidity. Lipidol improves nutritional value of animal feed by accelerating fat, protein and amino acids absorption, resulting in additional cost and energy savings in feed formulation.


Probiotic, contains Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940. Ensures animal health due to its capacity for destroying pathogenic bacteria. Maintains a healthy gut microflora. Can produce bacteriocins that help in controlling Escherichia coli and Salmonella. Improves digestibility due to its high enzyme production capacity in the intestine as well as its lactic acid production. These enzymatic activities are very important after weaning. The probiotic helps with the transition process. Tolerant to several antibiotics such as Colistin, Amoxicillin, Oxytetracycline, Sulfamide, Tiamuline, Neomycin, Zinc Bacitracin or Avilamycine. Enables to restore intestinal flora after antibiotic treatments and stress situations. Improves daily weight gain and feed conversion rate.


YANG is an association of specific fractions from specifically selected inactivated yeast strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Cyberlindnera jadinii for the animal nutrition. Focused on young animals where the digestive tract and the immune system are particularly sensitive to the various challenges. The unique combination of different yeast strains of YANG has a synergetic effect on the animal’s immune response, enhancing zootechnical performance.


Calcium salts of palm oil fatty acids, highly digestible and utilizable. Concentrated source of energy, improves carcass quality: abdominal and subcutaneous fat becoming more stable at high temperatures. Increases intramuscular fat proportion, reduces subcutaneous fat in pig’s carcasses. Does not alter the intramuscular fatty acid profile, maintaining juiciness and tenderness of the meat. Its solid form allows easy handling and its thermo stable characteristics allow a higher fat concentration in the diet without affecting the pellet quality.